Books for Pakistan

I began writing books for Oxford University Press, Pakistan, in 1989. During the past 20 years I have produced more than 90 books for OUP, Pakistan.

Publicity Material

This album contains a variety of publicity materials, produced over the years, for some of my books.

My story

I was born on 14th July 1952, at St. Philomena’s Hospital in Bangalore, India. My parents, David and Doreen; my sister, Anne; and my brother, Michael, were living in a small, semi-detached house on Bore Bank Road in Benson Town in the Cantonment. At the time of my birth my father was in between jobs as a teacher, and earning his living by doing carpentry and giving private tuition in English.

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New Launch

The Story Behind The Book
In 1987, soon after our family returned to England, my mother kept asking me to write the story of our life in India. I fully intended to do so one day, however, then was not the time to start work on such a book for it would not have kept the family in food and clothes! I had to concentrate on ....

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