Having written a number of English textbooks and having conducted a number of workshops and seminars on the teaching of English, I eventually became known in India as an ELT person. My experience at the school started by my parents in Karnataka - Neel Bagh – however, was in teaching many subjects at different levels, from kindergarten to BA. I devoted much energy to developing materials in all subjects, and science was one of them.

The first science course I worked on was for Oxford University Press, Pakistan. The OUP branch in Delhi was also interested in marketing my science books in India, but in order not to confuse schools and teachers, they asked that I write these under a penname. Integrated Primary Science (IPS) by Lester Davidson was born. Lester is my middle name, and I am David’s son, so the choice of name was appropriate.

IPS for the Indian market was produced in 1993. It was revised in 2000, becoming New Integrated Primary Science (NIPS), and again in 2009. The series consists of six Course Books and six Teacher’s Books.

Here is a small sample of the books.

Click here for a preview

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For details of the whole output of Science textbooks for India, go to the links below:

Science Books for India Integrated Primary Science 1993 New Integrated Primary Science 2000 (Rev. 2009)

If you wish to order the books, please visit the OUP website


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