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In 1987, soon after our family returned to England, my mother kept asking me to write the story of our life in India. I fully intended to do so one day, however, then was not the time to start work on such a book for it would not have kept the family in food and clothes! I had to concentrate on writing books that would bring in an income. So I asked my mother to write the book herself; perhaps she could start with her early life, growing up on a rubber plantation in Ceylon, where her father had lived and worked as a planter. She informed me that she did not have the skills to write such a book. After much persuasion, she began to jot down short episodes of her life that she could remember and which she felt others would be interested in reading about.

The exercise of remembering and doing some research for the book was in many ways a painful one for my mother, because it brought back many memories of her first husband and the circumstances under which he died during World War II. Eventually, sometime in the early 2000s, her notes and short anecdotes were complete, and she handed these over to me to edit and put together as a complete story of her life from 1922, when she was born, till the time of her departure from Ceylon in 1946.

Her story is simply put, but interesting and amusing; it is also poignant because of the pain she had to endure. It will appeal to a wide cross-section of readers — to those who are interested in the lives of others; to those who knew Ceylon, the Sri Lanka of old; to those who want to know more about military actions in Ceylon during World War II.

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