About Me

The first book I ever worked on was an abridgment of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. The work was commissioned by Nirupam Chatterjee of Oxford University Press, India, in 1976. He gave me my first break! The abridgment formed part of a series called the Sunbird Readers, and was aimed at Level 4. My writing career had begun.

At this time we were living and working in Neel Bagh, a school, farm, workshop, teacher’s training school, founded by my father and mother, David and Doreen Horsburgh. We spent two years in this remote part of Karnataka, and it was there that I fell into writing, because, in order to earn a living, it was the only paid work that I could think of doing, and it tied in nicely with my work involving material development for the children in the school.

We lived in Neel Bagh between 1975 and 1977. In 1977, we returned to the UK, where I completed a PGCE at Leicester University. This was followed by a stint (two years) with ActionAid, a child-sponsorship organization, in which I was employed to start schools, train teachers and develop materials for a number of Non-Government Organizations all over India.

In the years to follow, we returned to Neel Bagh, and many more books were commissioned and published, all for Oxford University Press, India.


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